TOTAL SEC VA RATING SIZE (in mm)W x D x H Dispatch Within
20VA 108 x 114 x 89 7/10 days
50VA 108 x 114 x 89 7/10 days
100VA 146 x 133 x 121 7/10 days
200VA 146 x 133 x 121 7/10 days
250VA 133 x 146 x 172 7/10 days
500VA 133 x 191 x 172 7/10 days
750VA 270 x 180 x 244 7/10 days
1kVA 270 x 180 x 244 7/10 days
2kVA 337 x 184 x 270 10/14 days
3kVA 350 x 242 x 353 10/14 days
6kVA 384 x 305 x 454 10/14 days
10kVA 450 x 550 x 725 2/3 weeks
20kVA 600 x 550 x 825 2/3 weeks
40kVA 600 x 550 x 825 2/3 weeks

These transformers are also available without enclosures for panel mounting click Open Frame Control Transformers Single Phase.

Industrial Single Phase Transformers

Our electrical transformers in this range are suitably protected by a sheet metal case. They wall mounting or floor standing up to 6kVA and floor standing only above this rating, but a portable style is also available. Our standard cases are IP23 but we can supply up to IP66 if required, usually with little or no addition to the supply lead-time.

Many requirements are for low voltage tools or lighting working at 24V or 110V to be fed from mains supplies of 230V or 400V. Sometimes they may be used for converting a machine to be able to operate on a local voltage differing from the one for which is was originally designed. The above voltages are not exclusive and other inputs and outputs can be accommodated on request. Also, the incorporation of one of our Variable Voltage transformers will give a continuously variable output. We can manufacture up to 6kV at a few milliAmps or a few volts at up to 6000A.

All our isolation transformers incorporate an electrostatic screen between the primary and secondary windings and are built in compliance with the latest European standards. Other worldwide standards, e.g. UL, CSA can also be met. In addition, isolation from the supply may not be required, and in this instance an Auto Wound transformer may be considered to economise on size and cost.

The table below gives indicative sizes for various ratings based on single input and output voltages but is by no means exhaustive. We can also offer to fit circuit breakers, meters, rectifiers, and many other options are available. Please send your enquiry by clicking the box below or phone one of our design/sales consultants to discuss your requirements.