Variable Voltage Transformers for UK University

Majestic Transformer Co was recently invited to supply a number of Variable Transformer Power Supplies for a UK University as part of a major refurbishment of their Electrical Engineering laboratories. 

The units were designed to take the standard UK 3 phase supply and provide two optional variable outputs, one limiting the voltage to SELV limits at 50V and the other allowing access to the full supply voltage once the students had passed the necessary safety procedures. The output voltage range was switched via a key activated switch ensuring that no unauthorised changing of voltage range could occur. The output voltage was controlled by use of a motor driven variable transformer with push button control. Outputvoltage, current, power factor etc can be monitored by means of a multi-function LED display.

The university originally approached us to supply just the isolation transformers necessary for this project, but were pleased to be able to allocate the complete power supply project to us once they realised that we could produce the complete units within their budget and within their time scale, saving them a considerable amount of time and energy.

Majestic Transformer Company have been manufacturing have been manufacturing single phase transformers and three phase transformers, along with chokes and transformer rectifier power supplies for over 65 years and have a wealth of experience in manufacturing custom built transformers to meet many varied specifications and standards, from basic commercial & marine, to medical, railways & defence.