Majestic Transformer Co. specialises in the design and manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers

Custom Built Transformers

  • Single phase transformers up to 50kVAtick
  • Three phase transformers up to 125kVAtick
  • Auto transformers up to 500kVAtick
  • Transformer rectifier units up to 100kVAtick
  • High frequency transformerstick
  • Audio output transformerstick
  • Inductors and smoothing chokestick
  • Custom built transformer rectifier power suppliestick
  • Medical isolation transformerstick

Rectifier Power Transformers


Over the years Majestic Transformer Company have been asked to design and manufacture a wide range of transformer rectifier power supplies to suit an enormous range of applications.


Some of these units have been as simple as fitting a bridge rectifier onto the output winding of a single phase or three phase transformer. Others have been significantly more complex involving variable transformers, switches, meters, smoothing circuits, line insulation monitors. They have ranged from a few volts at 7000A to inject a current into railway conduction rail systems for testing purposes, up to 5kV at a few amps for running and testing high voltage motors and many, many things in between.


If you have a challenge, then why not drop our experienced design/sales team an email with an outline of your requirements and we will come up with a custom built solution.