Majestic Transformer Co. specialises in the design and manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers

Custom Built Transformers

  • Single phase transformers up to 50kVAtick
  • Three phase transformers up to 125kVAtick
  • Auto transformers up to 500kVAtick
  • Transformer rectifier units up to 100kVAtick
  • High frequency transformerstick
  • Audio output transformerstick
  • Inductors and smoothing chokestick
  • Custom built transformer rectifier power suppliestick
  • Medical isolation transformerstick

Three Phase Open Frame Transformers

Open Frame Control Transformers Three Phase

Typical applications for this type of electrical transformer are motor control, machine tool control, control panels, machine voltage conversion, distribution boards etc. The transformers are supplied as open types with steel angle frames for mounting on either terminal blocks, rail terminals or nickel plated brass stud connections.

Virtually any combination of voltage and current can be supplied on primary and secondary. A range of supply frequencies, 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz can be accommodated. In addition, multiple primary and secondary windings can be accommodated. Complex or high voltage windings may require a larger frame size to be used to accommodate the windings. Transformers in this range can also have fuses fitted on the top panel.

Contact our Sales Office to discuss your requirements.

W x D x H
Dispatch Within
75VA 120 x 65 x 124 7/10 days
120VA 120 x 75 x 124
300VA 180 x 90 x 180
500VA 180 x 105 x 180
750VA 180 x 120 x 180
1500VA 240 x 120 x 220
2500VA 240 x 155 x 220
3.3kVA 300 x 120 x 270 10/14 days
5kVA 300 x 150 x 280
10kVA 360 x 180 x 330
15kVA 480 x 210 x 455 2/3 weeks
30kVA 600 x 240 x 570
50kVA 600 x 320 x 570

These transformers are also available with enclosures for wall mounting or floor standing
- see Industrial Cased Transformers Three Phase.

Please contact our SALES OFFICE for full details.