Majestic Transformer Co. specialises in the design and manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers

Custom Built Transformers

  • Single phase transformers up to 50kVAtick
  • Three phase transformers up to 125kVAtick
  • Auto transformers up to 500kVAtick
  • Transformer rectifier units up to 100kVAtick
  • High frequency transformerstick
  • Audio output transformerstick
  • Inductors and smoothing chokestick
  • Custom built transformer rectifier power suppliestick
  • Medical isolation transformerstick

Chokes / Inductors


We are able to manufacture a wide range of chokes and inductors for a variety of applications.


They can be simple chokes ranging from a few microHenry’s up to several hundreds of Henry’s and currents from a few milliAmperes up to several thousand Amperes in any combination. Whether you need air cored, iron cored or ferrite cored chokes and inductors, we can offer a design to suit your needs.


So if you are looking for a smoothing choke, a load inductor or a high frequency filter give us a call or send us an Email with the details of your requirements and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.