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Audio Transformers & Chokes

Audio Transformer We are able to design & manufacture a wide range of custom built mains and output audio transformers and also DC smoothing chokes. All hand crafted at our Poole, UK factory. We do not hold a stock range of these components, preferring to match exactly the individual requirements of our customers. We also hold a wide range of specifications from previously built products

These units can be finished fully shrouded (as picture right) for top chassis mounting or half shrouded for drop through chassis mounting. The audio mains transformers, as with all our mains transformers, have an earthed interwinding screen and can also be fitted with an external copper 'Q' band. Other special finishes e.g chromed shrouds, can be accommodated on request subject to quantity requirements.

We hold a comprehensive range of winding details relating to vintage Leak, Quad, Mullard, Vox and many others and can manufacture new components to 'original' specifications and have many years experience in building output transformers for both the musical instrument (guitar) and Hi-Fi markets.

Please contact our SALES OFFICE for full details.